Website security & maintenance Services

Our job is simple: keep your website up-to-date, secure, up and running, and bug-free. Standard maintenance on your website keeps it looking great, and running fast as we monitor for uptime and performance including daily backup and hourly monitoring. We can also consult, plan and strategize with you based on what isn’t working well for your website from broken links to outdated content to make larger updates and even revamp it as needed.

Our proactive approach to security combines finding and fixing potential threats before they become a problem. If these updates are not performed it can make your website a target. Maintaining a site requires version updates, plugin upgrades, and hardware maintenance. As new features are brought online, we can train someone on your team to manage that too.

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content & Graphics

Your website is often the first impression you will make on your customers, so a well-maintained site is essential to attract and keep them engaged. Do you have news or events on your site? Keeping that information current is critical to making your company feel cutting edge and involved in your industry.

Whether you are blogging or selling products online, we help generate compelling content and graphics to keep visitors coming back to your website and building a relationship with your brand. If new products are introduced to inventory all the time, you cannot run the risk of damaging that first impression by not having current information. No time to blog on a regular basis? We can provide weekly or monthly blog posts based on approved topics of your choice.

Don't have the time?

If you lack the time or in-house capabilities to maintain your website, it’s about time you reach out to us for our website maintenance services. We are here for you for any web maintenance service you need.


Need to fix your WordPress website?
Already have a website in WordPress, but you’ve got some random problems?

Whatever it is you need to fix, we can do it in a remarkably short time frame in an affordable hourly payment method. We can discuss your requirement in detail and give you an estimate of the work. According to the extent and nature of work you only need to pay an hourly fee and we will deliver your site ready to re-launch.

Your site will look like new soon. Just give us a jingle!

Or maybe you need a complete overhaul?

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At ADIO we don’t consider making a website a one-time affair. We like to foster a long-lasting relationship with all our valuable clients. That’s why we are committed to delivering quality website maintenance to keep your website fresh and secure. You may not be able to pledge too much of your valuable time to website maintenance but, the skillful people here at ADIO ensure that your website is contemporary, secure, and operating at the optimum level by offering affordable website maintenance service. Check out our website maintenance packages below.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you already have a website and are facing some errors or other issues, or just have a bland look, we will evaluate and fix these problems for you.  After the first discussion we will give you an estimated time to complete the work.  You only have to pay the hourly fees and we will do the rest.

However small or large your changes, we are here at your service. We can fix broken links, add plug-ins, widgets and features, make it mobile friendly and easy to navigate, update your security etc. If you need a complete overhaul or redesign, we can do that too.

By subscribing to a monthly maintenance plan, you can make sure that your site is backed up regularly, your security is up to date, contents are updated, etc. resulting in better user experience and boosted SEO ratings.

Web Maintenance Packages

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